Removals & Insurance Terms & Conditions


CM Removals Terms (Pty) Ltd Removals and Insurance Terms and conditions.

1. Introduction

a)' we are ', `us ' or 'our' us means CM Removals (Pty) Ltd , Registration number 2016/386818/07.

b) You our Customers. 

c) This contract explains your rights and responsibilities, and ours.

d) This contract (or a quotation) can only be changed by written agreement between you and us. One of our managers must sign any change for it to be valid.

e) When moving or storing goods is risky.  Please kindly pay special attention to our terms. Our liability for loss or damage is limited.  This means we are not responsible for all losses of damages you might suffer.

f) Our liability for these risks is limited, we offer insurance in our quotation against loss or damage for goods being removed or stored by us.

g) Insurance is a separate contract between you and the insurance company and those conditions of insurance are separate from these conditions.

2.  Our Quotation

The quote is based on the information provided by you, the customer. Any change to the details of the move might affect the quote. 

Additional charges will be applied on the day if there are extra goods, goods do not fit in the lift, stairs or doorway, or if the road approach and parking is not suitable for our vehicles,

  • if there are parking restrictions / goods lift restrictions, or if there are steps/stairs/hill incline/extra distance or other obstacle which could affect the move.
  • you require special services,
  • there are any changes to the details of the move,
  • there are any delays beyond our control.

3. Work not included in our quotation

a)  We will not do the following unless we agree it in writing:

  • Dismantle or assemble any furniture or fitting, except for normal beds that can be easily be disassembled using normal tools, 
  • take down curtains or blinds, 
  • disconnect or reconnect appliances, fittings or equipment; such as stoves and washing machines;  
  • remove or lay fitted floor covering, such as wall to wall carpets, 
  • or move or store any items we exclude in our terms

We are not responsible for any loss or damage if any work listed above is done without our written agreement or permission. 

4. Route, mode of transport, packing and warehouse.

a) We may choose any route for delivery.

b) We may choose any type of packing and transport, unless we agreed to something specific in writing. 

c) We may use space or capacity on our vehicles or in shipping containers for other customer’s goods, unless our written quotation says that we will not do this.

d) We may load and unload your items from or into a vehicle or shipping containers.

e) We may store goods/ items in any of our or our agents' warehouses.

5. Your responsibilities

a) you are solely responsible for all the following.: 

  • making sure that nothing is taken away or left behind by mistake 
  • getting and paying for any document or permission needed for the move to be completed, such as a visa, 
  • arranging for security for your items when they are collected and delivered, by being there yourself, or by arranging someone else to be there for you;
  • properly preparing any appliance or equipment before it is removed ;
  • arranging and paying for any parking we need to do the work;
  • locking  away any valuable such as money, jewellery or handbags, and so on;
  • inspecting or arranging for someone to inspect any items delivered  by us. Your house keys or other means of access. 

b) We are not liable for any loss, damage or extra charges because of anything listed in these clues. We are never responsible for your keys.

6. Paying for the Removal Unless otherwise agreed by CM Removals in writing 

a. A 50% deposit is due immediately in order to secure your booking with us. Bookings work on a first-come-first-serve basis and can only be confirmed once payment is received.

b. Payment for extras on the day (including special services) must be by EFT (via mobile banking app) or cash on the day.

c. Funds must reflect in our bank account before the move takes place. POP must be sent to [email protected] with YOUR NAME used as the payment reference.

7. Ownership of the goods 

By entering into this contract, you declare that:

 (a)   The goods to be removed and/or stored are your own property, or 

 (b)   The person(s) who own or have an interest in them, have given you authority to make this contract, and have been made aware of these Conditions.

You will meet any claim for damages and/or costs against CM Removals if these declarations are not true.      

8. Charges if you postpone or cancel the removal

a. When we receive payment, a vehicle and team will be assigned to your move.

b. If you wish to cancel / postpone your move, you must do so at least 5 full business days before your move date.

c. If you do not cancel / postpone more than 5 full business days before your move date, you will be liable for the full quoted price of your move.

9. Insurance. 

a. Your furniture to be moved is insured up to a value of R120 000 at no additional cost to you.

a. If additional insurance is required, the customer should contact their household insurance broker.

c. We must be notified in writing of any damages to goods within 48 hours of the move (delivery). The time limit is essential.

d. We will not be liable if you were careless in the non-avoidance of any damage or any part of the damage was sustained due to your own negligence. This includes damage to lifts.

e. You will be responsible for the payment of the basic excess: 10% of claim (minimum R1500). In the case of theft/hijacking: 20% of claim (minimum R3900).

f. The following are not covered by our insurance:

  1. furs, jewellery, bullion, precious and semi-precious metals and stones, curiosities, items of art, money, documents, stamps, sunglasses, keys, cell phones, tablets, laptops, data.
  2. the functioning of electronic equipment and motor-driven goods
  3. firearms, explosives, dangerous substances
  4. foods and drinks
  5. any goods not packed or unpacked by our movers
  6. items left inside furniture and loose unpacked items
  7. property or goods damaged as a result of difficult access (unless we are told about this at least 5 full business days before the move time)
  8. documents or other things that can be used as negotiable instruments.
  9. faults of any type related to the insured goods, such as (but not limited to) defects, workmanship or professional advice.
  10. the consequences of delay, depreciation, loss of market or other charges related to or resulting from the transportation of your goods.
  11. actions related directly to your insured goods, such as (but not limited to) gradual deterioration or inherent or latent defects.
  12. inherent vice or defect, vermin, insects, damp, mildew or rust.

10. What is excluded from this contract

a) This contract specifically excludes any:  

  • valuable items, such as  any item of jewellery, watches precious stones, money stamp collection, title deed, share certificate, or similar item or collection,
  • animals  or its cage or tank , including any pets, birds or fish ; plant or flowers, including pot plants and dried flowers arrangements;
  • abnormal items , for example an item that is too large too heavy to move by a team of removals men without special machinery , and any item that cannot be moved because any stairway , passage or door is not strong or wide enough

b) This contract also specifically excludes any of the following items, which we may throw away discard or destroy without telling you ;

  • any potentially dangerous , damaging or explosive item ;  
  • any item that mighty attract vermin or other pets or cause an infestation ,
  • and any partly used liquid or any food or drink from the fridge or freezer .

c)  We are not responsible for any of the loss or damage you suffer in connection with the items excluded in these clues.


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