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Moving Companies in Cape Town - Tips For a Successful Mini Removal

There are many moving companies in Cape Town and when it comes to moving your home or parts of it, few of them fully understand the stresses that come with the process of furniture removal.

Mini Moves - Moving Company in Cape Town

CM Removals is a moving company in Cape Town that is family run, so can rest assured knowing that our well-trained staff members will treat your possessions as if they were their own.

With almost 7 years of experience in the trade, we have gained enough experience to provide our clients with a few simple tips for their mini removal jobs.

Although a mini removal is ultimately simple and straight forward, there are some factors that may complicate the job and turn it into an unnecessarily large task.

However, this can easily be avoided if homeowners follow some of our tips for mini removals and how to streamline the process.

What is a Mini Removal?

A mini removal refers to the removal and transportation of single items or the contents of only one or two rooms of a house.

5 Tips for Mini Removals

• Prepare in advance

The best way to make sure any task runs smoothly is to be as prepared as possible before the due date arrives. Carry out a thorough assessment of all the contents that need to be moved and make sure you have enough packaging material for everything.

Packaging material for furniture removals includes boxes, bubble wrap, box tape, newspapers, permanent markers etc.

• Be pro-active

Starting the packing process far in advance significantly minimises the stress experienced on the day of the move. If all your goods are wrapped, packed and sealed then all the moving company needs to worry about is loading and transporting.

There is nothing more satisfying then an organised move.

• It’s is time to declutter

Take this opportunity to throw out, recycle, sell or give away any unwanted items. This allows you to de-clutter thereby minimising the amount of packing that you need to do.

• Label those boxes

Write labels on your boxes which clearly indicate what their contents are including whether the items are fragile and to be handled with care. This not only helps you develop a system of unpacking once at your new location, it also helps the removals company to make sure nothing fragile is packed in such a way that may compromise its safety.

• Dismantle larger items

If you are moving an abnormally large item, find out from the moving company what the measurements of their vehicle is. If your item will not fit within those dimensions then dismantling the item where possible is recommended. This helps you ensure all the screws, nuts and bolts don’t get lost. Furthermore, it saves the moving company from doing it which can save a lot of time.

There are many ways to make sure your mini removal goes smoothly. There is no need for any hiccups. Therefore, when our clients follow these simple steps, their moving experience becomes a pleasant one.

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To book your mini removal job with one of the best moving companies in Cape Town, contact us.

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