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How to Prepare for Downsizing Your Home

People choose to downsize for many different reasons. Some may feel the impact of an empty nest after their children spread their wings, others are looking for a bit more security that can be found in a complex, and others may be looking for the freedom a small lockup and go can offer.

Whatever the reason, there comes a time in most people’s lives where downscaling becomes necessary and it’s an undeniably monumental task.

However, once the decision has been made to downsize, the best way to approach the task is in stages. In this article, we offer some useful tips on how to tackle the task of decluttering, organizing, and preparing for a new way of life.

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Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Start Immediately

There is no time like right now. Even if you are only moving at the end of the year, the sooner you start the less stressful the process will be. So, start by decluttering and letting go of things you no longer use or need.

This can feel extremely overwhelming so it’s best to choose a method that works for you. Here are some strategies to choose from:

  • Four-box method – Allow yourself four options for what you want to do with a particular item, namely recycle/trash, keep, donate, sell. This makes things a lot easier when sorting through your belongings. As far as possible, avoid choosing to put things into storage.
  • KonMari Method – Categorize your clutter. In other words, sort through one category at a time such as clothing, kitchen, books, electronics, furniture, etc. Once you have properly sorted through a category, you can move onto the next. This can be used in conjunction with the four-box method.
  • Hanger method – When it comes to clothing, face all your hangers in the same direction and once you wear an item, hang it back in the opposite direction. Keep doing this for all the items you wear. After a couple weeks or months, check in and let go of anything that you have not worn during that time.
Consider Space Availability

It’s a good idea to know exactly how much space you will have in your new home as this will help you make decisions on what to keep and what to let go of, whether you are donating, passing it onto your heirs, selling, or recycling. This gives you an opportunity to look at things from a practical point of view. Ask yourself: “will this serve a functional purpose in my new space?” and if the answer is no, perhaps it’s time to let it go.

Memorialize or Repurpose

It’s human nature to be sentimental about certain things and it often feels impossible to let go of something that means so much to you. However, when you are moving into a smaller space, you will likely find yourself faced with having to finally say goodbye to the memorabilia you have been holding onto for years.

In this case, consider taking a picture of the item and adding it to a photobook of memories or if you really cannot let go, think of ways to repurpose the item in way that makes it more functional without taking up unnecessary space.

Focus on One Room at a Time

It’s easy to get distracted when decluttering and reorganizing and the best way to stay focused is to commit to sorting one room out at a time. All of the above methods and strategies can be combined and applied to each room, and you will soon find what works best for you. But remember, don’t move onto the next room before the one you are busy with has been cleared, decluttered, and packed up completely.

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