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How to Pack Electronics for Moving and Storage

When it comes to moving, it doesn’t matter if you are moving to the next neighbourhood or to the other side of the country, there is a lot to think about and, often, not much time to think about it all.

The result is that people take shortcuts as they realize they have run out of time to prepare for moving day.

One of the biggest shortcuts that people tend to take is in packing boxes. When time is running out, there is a tendency to pack anything and everything into boxes with no thoughtful strategy at all, and this can increase the risk of damage during transit and in storage.

This is especially true when it comes to electronics. Even though electronics are mostly covered with rugged plastics or metals to protect their internal components, they are not entirely immune to physical and environmental damage.

In this article, we give you 10 important tips on how to pack and store electronics to make sure they are protected from potential damage.

how to pack electronics for moving

How To Pack Electronics for Moving and Storage – 10 Important Steps

Back it Up

Electronics are not equipped to store information forever, and physical damage can cause them to lose all the stored data after just one drop or bad knock. For this reason, it’s important to back up all your electronic devices regularly but especially before moving or storing your electronics

Take Out the Batteries

Batteries have the tendency to corrode when left in electronics for extended periods of time and this can seriously damage your electronics. So, if you are storing any of your battery-operated electronics, be sure to remove the batteries beforehand

Remove Loose Components

Remove all CDs, DVDs, game cartridges, vinyls, or cassette tapes from the devices before moving or storing them. Loose components can warm or deform, causing internal damage to the machine and it may even make it difficult to retrieve them after some time

Detach All Accessories and Wires

We know that setting up some devices can be time consuming, and you may be tempted to leave wires and accessories attached. Leaving wires and accessories attached to an electronic during transit increases the risk of damage to the connection as they may move around in their boxes or vehicle. Furthermore, prolonged metal-to-metal contact can cause problems, especially in storage without climate control.

If Possible, Use Original Packaging

It’s not always possible to hang onto original packaging, especially if space is limited. However, if you still have the original boxes for your electronics, along with the protective pieces used to secure the device in the box, it’s always best to use these when moving or storing your electronic devices

Use Quality Boxes

If you don’t have the original packaging for your electronics, choose high quality, sturdy boxes to pack them into. Make sure the box is slightly larger than the device so that you can fill the space around it with protective material like bubble wrap or pieces of recycled foam

Add Silica Gel for Long-Term Storage

When storing your electronics for prolonged periods of time, be sure to add silica gel sachets to the box. Silica gel helps to absorb excess moisture from the environment, protecting your device against humidity and moisture damage. Excess moisture can cause electronics and their fragile components to corrode

Protect the Fan from Dust

Wrap all electronics which make use of a cooling fan with a protective layer of bubble wrap and use tape to secure packing paper over fans and vents to prevent dust from getting into the components and clogging them up

Use Blankets and Towels for Protection

Especially when moving bigger items like flat screen televisions which do not fit into standard boxes, use blankets and towels to wrap the device so that it can be adequately protected against damage during transit

If Possible, Control the Environment

If you are storing your electronics, do your best to find a storage unit or facility which offers a controlled environment to ensure the longevity of your devices. Excess cold can cause metal to contract which can weaken soldered components. Excessive heat can cause metal to expand which can put unnecessary pressure on soldered components. Hot air also contains higher levels of moisture which can completely destroy electronics

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