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Moving Companies in Bloemfontein - CM Removals

Hiring our moving companyto handle your move is a great decision. Not only are we professional and experienced, organised and convenient, our moving services will also save you time and energy.

We are here to help you move your household furniture, office furniture, and even pianos, from anywhere in South Africa to Bloemfontein.

We offer full house furniture removals that include cleaning your new home, assembling, packing, wrapping and moving your belongings from your previous home, unwrapping and disassembling, and unpacking your furniture once it reaches its final destination. We provide you with first-class packaging and wrapping materials which includes boxes of all sizes, packaging tapes and papers, labels or markers and covers.

Affordable Moving Companies Bloemfontein

We are a fully committed removal company and therefore we plan your move for weeks after you confirm your booking.

Our company is highly rated among other moving companies in Bloemfontein because of our trustworthy, skilled and professional team who are trained to carefully and safely handle your belongings.

Our team will make sure your belongings gets extra care and we make use of tools and techniques that will prevent your furniture from getting damaged. 

Our prices are very reasonable and affordable yet we achieve customer satisfaction by providing high quality services and deliver your furniture as agreed.

Use CM Removals for your upcoming move in Bloemfontein. Contact us for a free quote.

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