Moving out?

Kudos on that big decision... but what is your plan to keep your moving non-stressful, non-destructive and non-exhaustive? This is an essential question before you jump into a move and start facing the variable challenges a move usually involves.

Be very attentive and critical when choosing between moving companies in Cape Town as this mere decision would decide the fate of your move. It could be pleasant or it could be a disaster - it all depends on your moving company selection. 

Therefore, we thought to give you some useful tips to use when you’re searching for a reliable moving company in Cape Town.


You don’t need to waste your money and time on a new moving company in Cape Town when you can judge its reputation by the opinion people have about it. Simply try to find customers that have worked with a particular moving company in Western Cape and are willing to share their experience.

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You may do so through various ways and one of the ways is to check out their social profile. Alternatively, you may get suggestions from friends and family members about their recent moving company and conclude their opinion about the company. Whatever your approach is, the goal is to collect as many reviews as you can, but make sure that all of them are coming from authentic sources so you can make a wise decision.


A company becomes preferable due to its dedication and commitment towards its customers and this is your next target to identify in a service provider’s work ethics.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of moving companies in Cape Town, South Africa but only few operate the way a customer wants to be served.

So your target is to figure out if the company (that you intend to hire) is dedicated enough with respect to its service quality that it meets your service standards or you’re risking your time and money on that service provider?

Don’t forget that your moving job should be important for them and never consider the volume of your items or the amount in account because a good company always treats each customer equally. Only select a moving company in Cape Town if it provides dedicated moving solutions.


A key rule for selecting the perfect moving company in Cape Town is to consider its prices for all type of moving solutions. Describe your moving requirements to different moving companies and receive an estimation of the whole process. Compare each quotation and match with your budget because ultimately that’s the one thing that you’d be concerned about. So always select a moving company that offers quality moving services on an affordable price. Speaking practically, why would anyone pay more if they are getting quality services for a lesser price?


A moving job usually involves more than on activity so the moving company, that you wish to hire, should be able to provide multiple solutions based on your moving needs. It should be able to provide you quality packing services, best packing material, storage facility and anything that your move involves along with transportation services. Ask the representative of that moving company in Cape Town what exactly are you getting in their moving service package and this way you can sort things in a better way.


To be honest, a person hires a moving company to save time and stay away from disappointment and stress. And if a moving company in the Western Cape fails to provide the quality service and delays your move then you’re surely working with a wrong service provider.

Never compromise on punctuality as this is one of the metrics to evaluate their professionalism and dedication towards the work. You should only hire a moving company in Cape Town that values both your and their staff's time.

If you need to hire a moving company in Cape Town - contact us and get instant quote.

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