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How to prepare your vehicle for our Car Transport Service

Car transport is not a widely discussed topic. However, knowing how to choose a car transport company in Cape Town and South Africa, and what to do to prepare your vehicle for its journey is important in order to avoid any unwelcome surprises upon its delivery.

We have compiled a list of important things to know about car transport services in South Africa and why CM Removals is the best choice:

Car transport - Moving Company in South Africa

• What are the costs?

Make sure that the quote you have been given clearly stipulates every cost involved. Be aware of any fine print that may result in hidden costs that were not clear from the beginning. Additionally, more expensive does not automatically mean the best quality. Make sure that you get what you pay for.

With CM Removals Transport, you receive an elaborate quote which covers every possible cost. We strive to be affordable and accommodating of your budget.

• Is your vehicle insured?

Reputable car transport companies always provide Goods in Transit Insurance which is usually included in the initial quotation. This protects you against possible loss or damage to your vehicle while in transit.

CM Removals offers you comprehensive Goods in Transit Insurance at no extra cost – giving you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

• What is the ETA?

It’s important to discuss with the transport company when you can expect your vehicle to arrive at its destination. Estimated time of arrival will depend mainly on the distance between pick up and drop off. Although there are unforeseen circumstances that can take place which may delay the delivery of your vehicle, it is recommended that you at least get an idea of when to expect it.

CM Removals’ fleet is under 24-hour satellite monitoring which helps us make sure that our drivers remain on schedule.

• Payment Arrangements

Knowing what the payment arrangements and payment methods are is important. Some companies require full upfront payment, others require a deposit. This all depends on the company and its unique policies. However, lack of payment can result in your vehicle not being collected for delivery. Therefore, it is important to make sure you adhere to the arranged payment plans.

CM Removals strive to accommodate all unique situations when it comes to payment arrangements.

Car transport South Africa - Moving Company

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Transport

Although car transport companies do everything they can to prevent minor and major damages from occurring to your vehicle, you as the owner of the car has a certain amount of responsibility to ensure minimal risk.

• Make sure your vehicle is squeaky clean

Before the transport company collects your vehicle, make sure it is clean. Dirty cars easily disguise dents and scratches. This will help you identify any new and additional damages done during transit.

• Give the interior a thorough clean

Make sure that any loose objects are removed from the vehicle. This will prevent things from rolling around and causing possible damage to the interior of your vehicle.

• Disable the alarm

Let’s face it, long distance driving cannot be the most pleasant job in the world. So, make sure your car’s alarm doesn’t make it even more unpleasant for the driver. Silence is golden.

• No need to fill up

A full tank is not only unnecessary, (your car is being transported, not driven) it makes the car heavier than it needs to be. When hauling many cars at once, every kilogram counts.

• Tyre pressure is important

Just as over or under inflated tires are dangerous when on the road, they are just as risky when being transported. Making sure your tires are at their correct pressure ensures that no damage is done to them during transit.

• Custom accessories are a no no

Car transport trucks are made to accommodate standard vehicles. Therefore, any additions to your cars body which make it bigger or lower than usual, such as spoilers or bumpers, should be removed prior to transportation. This minimises the risk of damage.

Working together with your transport company will result in a safe journey and happy arrival of your vehicle.

CM Removals have a highly trained and licensed team of drivers and staff who pay attention to every detail, making sure your car arrives in the exact same condition it left in.

CM Removals Transport – Nationwide Car Transport Services in South Africa

Contact us, for the best car transport services in South Africa and allow us to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently to its new destination.

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