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How to plan a stress-free long distance move

Moving from city to city CM Removals has been assisting their clients for the past 5 years to create a new start to their daily routine.

Long Distance Moving Company in Cape Town

There are a variety of tips to help you make the process of moving nationally easier and as stress free as possible.

Make a list, then make 3 more lists

The first step in planning your long distance move is to make a list of all items to be moved.

This will also be a good foundation to decide what will be sold, recycled and donated.

Do you need storage?

Should you decide to put certain furniture into storage, we will gladly assist you with a quotation for this service.

Loading and off-loading issues

Always bear in mind that the removal company must be informed of any difficulty at the loading or the offloading sites. 

It is extremely important for the movers to consider problems such as weight restriction at complexes, stairs, dismantling and assembling of furniture or even long driveways. 

Mark your removal boxes

Marking all boxes with the end destination in mind will greatly assist our staff at the offloading point so that the process will run smoothly and with as few problems as possible.

Wrapping for safety

We strongly recommend the wrapping of your goods in protective sheets to stay safe from any scratches. 

Bubble wrap and plastic covers will go a long way to ensure the protection of your precious articles.

Planning the little things ahead of time and with the help of Cm furniture Removals your long-distance relocation can be nothing else but a complete Peace of Mind Move.

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